Reviews – what others have said

Some chose to visit the gardens on bikes

Some chose to visit the gardens on bikes

  • Apart from the roses, natives and veg, the exhibitors! Chatty, sincere, willing to impart knowledge – wonderful!
  • The large variety of the gardens; different ideas (clever gardeners); and pleasant people. A great day.
  • Kandos and Rylstone are beautiful tidy towns
  • I loved the variety; the people are amazing; very friendly
  • Great variety – something for everyone; very well presented; loved the historical pieces
  • Warm welcoming approach of volunteers at all gardens
  • I enjoyed the open lawn areas, vegetable gardens and wandering ducks
  • Great variety – something for everyone, very well presented, loved the historical pieces
  • All the hard work and colour and inspiration put into all of the gardens
  • Plant types appropriate to our area, garden ideas for gardens, good to see a variety of garden types
  • The beautiful roses
  • The friendly garden hosts and their generosity
  • Diversity of gardens. Amount of effort by owners to present their gardens at their best.
  • The wonderful roses; the diversity in every garden; the friendliness and pride of every garden owner
  • Beautiful gardens and the company of friends, dedication and hard work
  • The breathtaking beauty of each garden; the variety of gardens; the friendliness of everyone concerned; the dedication of those involved; the amount of work involved in the preparation; the weather was beautiful; the leaflet was very informative.
  • The weather was perfect; the atmosphere was terrific; attracted visitors from everywhere
  • Walking, looking and chatting
  • Enthusiasm abounded with all the owners of their gardens and the effort put in by gardeners and organisers
  • Wonderful gardens, genial hosts, very well organised

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