Kandos Bellz – a Garden Fair attraction


Wow! I have just visited the ‘Kandos Bellz’ on Facebook. It makes me want to take up belly dancing! They are such an enthusiastic and busy group. So glad we have been able to book them up for the Kandos Gardens Fair. They will do two performances on Saturday afternoon (9th November) one at Trisha’s Cheeky Garden in Rylstone (3pm) and the other at Margaret’s Terraced Garden in Kandos (1pm).

I first saw Kandos Bellz during the Cementa Festival earlier this year, at Henbury Golf Club. Very professional – graceful, beautiful, sensual – a pleasure to watch.

If this encourages you to try belly dancing then join the group on Wednesdays 4pm and 6pm in the Catholic Church Hall Dabee Rd Kandos. For more info call 0418 982 507 or email: bellydancekandos@yahoo.com

by Colleen O’Sullivan

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