‘Keewaydin’ – a Panoramic Parkland

Photo 3-10-17, 9 47 20 am

6121 Castlereagh Highway, Running Stream

Photo 3-10-17, 9 44 22 am copyRae and Guy Sim built their house and began planting this sweeping nine-acre garden 12 years ago. Guy is the structural builder and designer and you will see his handiwork in water courses, rock culverts, climbing frames, stonework, terraces and well-placed, eye-catching sculptural pieces. Rae is the green-fingered artist, designing, planting and nurturing a spectacular range of trees (deciduous, fruiting and native) and bushes; as well as perennials, bulbs, succulents and annuals in pots, beds and paddocks. Their garden continues to evolve, relying on spring water pumped up to two 22,500 litre tanks sitting near the highway.

Photo 3-10-17, 9 52 24 amMeaning the spirit of the northwest wind, “Keewaydin” has its origin in the story of Hiawatha. Great location and first garden to visit for those travelling from Lithgow, Sydney or the Blue Mountains.

Morning and afternoon teas and light lunches will be served by Ilford/Running Stream CWA.

Photo 3-10-17, 9 42 32 am copy

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