Pat’s Place – Set in Stone

Photo 16-2-18, 5 12 33 pm

83 Mudgee Street, Rylstone

Photo 16-2-18, 5 09 06 pmThis garden is of interest for its structural features as much as its plantings. Note as you enter, the 30cm thick stone wall on 10cm footings, which Pat built herself. The back stone section of the house was built in the 1890s and of even greater historical interest is the beehive well (learn more from the sign).

Wander along granite paths which take you to the boundaries of the garden, over a bridge, beside a fishpond, beneath arches and under trees (pin oaks, Manchurian pears and Chinese elm). Honeysuckle, star jasmine, wisteria and grape vines, soften roofs and walls. Pieces of whimsy hide among the plants. Pat has chosen hardy plants and waters her garden using well water and recycled household water.

Photo 16-2-18, 5 13 40 pm


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