Hazelgrove – a haven for wildlife and people

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1857 Bylong Valley Way, Kandos Opposite Henbury golf course, just north of Kandos Pool

Starting with an almost bare landscape, Peter and Bonnie took into account drainage, soil, heat and frost in selecting and planting their two-acre garden. This has resulted in a flourishing mix of native, exotic, hardy and edible plants. They have created a waterwise environment through rainwater collection, extensive mulching and drip irrigation; and they source waste materials to fertilise their garden and create inspired garden art.

Wander through the native garden at the front and an extensive parkland at the rear, including an elf garden, unusual paths, unique garden art and numerous ponds. Feel free to amble into the sheep and chook paddock where you can peep into the propagation room and hot house.

Don’t forget to visit the extensive vegetable garden plots, the orchard and frost-sensitive room on the southern side of the house. And when you are tired, rest on one of the many garden seats.

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A Tree-Changer’s Paradise


Rhonda describes herself as a novice gardener but demonstrates how to establish a thriving country cottage garden on a small budget. Taking tips from gardening programs and cuttings from other passionate gardeners, she has established a sustainable garden in her own piece of paradise, purchased less than a year ago.

DSC09021Three Isa Browns thrive on scraps in their kit-built pen and chicken run (made from recycled materials). She has re-established the lawn, planted fruit trees and assembled a compost heap, vegetable gardens and rockery. Most of her vegetables, flowers and shrubs are now grown from seeds and cuttings. A pergola and garden setting are a central focus and there are several shady retreats to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the birds.

Rhonda’s garden will also host a plant and craft stall (including terrariums, sun hat kits, hanging baskets) and bottled water will be available.